Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Place My Order?

What Information is Required Prior to Screen Printing My Order?

What is the Turn Around Time?

What is Your Minimum Order Size?

Can I Mix Colors & Styles on My Order?

Can I Mix Sizes or do I Have to Order in Even Dozens?

Can You Print Names & Numbers on Shirts & Jerseys?

Will You Print on My Shirts?

Under Runs – I Received My Order & a Few Shirts Are Missing, What Happened?

How do I Prepare & Submit My Files?

What are the Acceptable Print Ready File Formats?

What File Formats are Not Accepted?

What are the Set Up Fees & Artwork Charges?

Do I Need to Pay for My Order Now?

How do I Receive My Order When it is Finished?


Sizing, Fit & Color Disclaimer

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How do I place my order with Gulfside Custom T-Shirts?

  • Click on CONTACT US now, or
  • Send us an email:
  • Call us at: (727) 862-1960
  • Fax us at: (727) 862-0787
  • Visit us at our New Port Richey Showroom

Information required prior to screen printing your order

  • Your in-hand due date
  • Payment Type (Discover, Master Card, Visa, American Express, Cash, Etc…)
  • Are you supplying art or is art needed
  • Garment style, style number and manufacturer (if available)
  • Garment color/s
  • Garment sizes and quantities for each size
  • Imprint locations (front, back, sleeve, etc…)
  • Imprint colors

Screen Printing Turn-A-Round Time

  • Orders with customer supplied output ready artwork: 7-10 working days from receipt of order, artwork and 50% deposit
  • Orders without customer supplied output ready artwork: 7-10 working days after receipt of final customer art approval. (Any changes made to the final artwork will delay the overall turn-a-round time)
  • Customers with time sensitive deadlines should call us (727) 862-1960. Rush service is available for an additional fee.

What is your minimum screen print order?

  • Our minimum order for a 1 color screen print design is 12 pieces
  • Our minimum order for a 2 color screen print design is 24 pieces
  • Our minimum order for a 3 color screen print design is 36 pieces
  • Our minimum order for a 4 color screen print design is 48 pieces
  • Our minimum order for a 5 color screen print design is 60 pieces
  • Our minimum order for a 6 color screen print design is 72 pieces

Can I mix garment colors and styles on my order?

  • Yes, different garment colors and styles are OK as long as the design size and ink colors remain the same.

Can I mix sizes or do I have to order in even dozens?

  • Yes, you can order as many different sizes as you want and No, you do not need to order in even dozens unless specified.

Can you print names and numbers on shirts and jerseys?

  • Yes, Names are $5.00 EACH and NUMBERS are $3.00 EACH

Will you print on my shirts?

  • Yes, but we have a minimum order of 100 shirts. We require you to supply an itemized list of all the garments you brought in to print. We will not inspect or count your garments prior to printing. It is our goal to provide the utmost care for you supplied garments. However, customer will not hold Gulfside liable if an under run occurs, for any reason.

Under Runs – I received my order and a few shirts are missing, what happened?

  • Under runs occur when our distributors ship us imperfect garments or a garment is misprinted or damaged during the printing process. Our under run allowance is 2%, far below the industry standard for screen printed goods. If you need your order to be exact, please let us know when you are ordering.

Artwork-How do I prepare and submit my files?

  • Artwork must be submitted electronically

Acceptable print ready file formats

  • Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PDF (Only If Vector Formatting Is Retained) Please export all files as EPS (Only). All fonts must be converted to curves or outlines.
  • Illustrator files: Save artwork at final print size. Outline all fonts and label all colors. •Adobe Photoshop files: Save in PSD format with all layers intact (Do Not Flatten). Save at largest print size desired and at 300 DPI. PDS files are acceptable but are not print ready. You may incur a quoted art charge to generate print ready art.

Viewable Files That Are Not Usable As Print Ready Artwork: TIF, TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, GIF, WFM, QUARK. Please submit your viewable at 300 DPI and at the final (largest) print size desired.

Setup Fees and artwork charges

  • Our setup fee is $35.00 for the first color and $10.00 for each additional color.
  • Our setup fees cover: Basic Art (if needed) Film Positives and Screens.
  • Creative illustration and complicated separations are billed at $35.00 per hour – one hour minimum.

Do I need to pay for my order now?

  • First time customers: A 50% deposit is required when you place your order.
  • Repeat Customers: A 50% deposit is required when you place your order.

How do I receive my order when it is finished?

  • We ship UPS and Fed Ex, Standard shipping rates apply. You may also pickup your order Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM and on Saturday 9:00AM-1:00PM.
  • If your order is not picked up within 60 days it will be donated.

*A Special Thank You To All Our Valued Customers. We will not levy any handling charges or credit card transaction fees on any order, large or small!


  • Cancelled orders prior to screen printing are subject to a 15% restocking fee, plus any additional fees incurred. Once garments have been decorated, cancellations will not be accepted.

Sizing, Fit and Color Disclaimer

  • Sizing, fit, style and color variations occur from manufacturer to manufacturer therefore we cannot guarantee garment sizing/fit and color.


Our policy is to respond to your claims promptly and fairly.

  • When you receive your order from us you should immediately examine the contents and make sure the count of the merchandise matches the quantities you ordered and are shown on our invoice.
  • You have three working days from the time of receipt to report any discrepancies
  • We guarantee to replace or issue a credit for shortages and items that are defective in material and workmanship free of charge within three working days of receipt. *Claims that are not made within three working days of receipt will be denied.