Advertising Specialties

Promotional ProductsWhether you need products to get your business name out there or to use for fund raising for your organization or team, we have the products to make you look good!

Our advertising specialties (aka promotional products) have been helping businesses, organizations and teams for over 30 years here in Tampa Bay.

Having your logo or message on products can make great giveaways for events or customers.

Sports teams have been able to successfully raise funds using our products.

No matter what your need is, our extensive catalog and years of experience, will ensure you get the best designs and products.

Why Choose Advertising Specialties…

  • Promotional products promote your image, brand and good will
  • Promotional products help generate sales leads and new accounts
  • Promotional products are long lasting investments, people usually don’t throw away useful items like t-shirts, water bottles, travel mugs, etc…
  • People love receiving anything free, simple inexpensive giveaways are a great way to increase customer loyalty and generate a following.
  • They are a great way to add another product to sell and increase revenue
  • They are great for fundraisers

Get The Word Out

Advertising Specialties have long been one of the easiest and cost effective ways of getting the word out about our company or organization.

They can be used as free gifts for customers or prospects. They can be used as sale items to increase revenues. Or used in promotions to grow interest and involvement. Either way, each one of these products you get out to the market, is a constant advertisement for you.

Increase Direct Mail Response

Do you know the #1 way to get mail opened by your customer or prospect? “Lumpy Mail”, this is any mailer that has an item inside the envelope. It’s in our nature to open it and see what’s inside.

Try sending some promo items with your next direct mail campaign and see how much better of a response you get!

Pens, letter openers, chap stick, any small item that fits in an envelope, is guaranteed to get your letter opened by more people.

We Offer Tens of Thousands of Advertising Specialty Products, Such As…

Electronics & Tech Accessories

  • Adapters/Car Chargers/Charging Cables
  • Ear Buds/Headphones
  • Phone/Tablet Cases

Bags/Duffel Bags/Accessories

  • Duffel Bags
  • Fanny Packs
  • Tote Bags

Back Packs/Drawstring Bags & Koolers

  • Back Packs/Dual Strap/Insulated
  • Drawstring/Sports Packs
  • Lunch/Kooler Totes/Kooler Bags/Rolling Koolers

Writing Instruments

  • Ball Point Pens
  • Highlighters/Highlighter Pens
  • Stylus Pens


  • Insulated Can/Bottle Koolers
  • Spirit/Sports/Fitness Items
  • Stadium Cushions/Ponchos/Sun Glasses

Headwear & Apparel

  • Real Tree/Mossy Oak/Camouflage
  • Beanies/Caps/Hats/Visors
  • T-Shirts/Sweat Shirts/Hoodies/Polo Shirts

Amenities/Personal Care Items

Ceramic Mugs & Drinkware

Desk Accessories


Portfolios & Notebooks

Tools/Book Lights/Flash Light/Key Tags

Umbrellas and much more…

Buy with confidence…We will not be undersold!

If you would like more information about our products and services or would like a quote please contact our Sales Department at: (727) 862-1960 or email us

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