Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnets can be a great advertising tool for your business. They not only increase visibility of your business, they add a professional element. They can be placed on just about any vehicle and easily removed if needed.

Rather than investing in striping or vehicle wraps, a magnet lets you use them when needed and at significantly lower cost.

Some customers leave their magnets on at all times, but others find a great advantage is having it on during business hours only. This way personal vehicles can easily be used as company vehicles with less hassle and expense. Either way, you get flexible advertising for your business with our vehicle magnets.

Built to Last

We can create vehicle magnets for your car, truck, trailer and more. We use premium industrial caliber stock on our magnets. This ensures that your magnet will not only stay on your vehicle, it will also stand the test of time.

We hear plenty of stories from new customers about lost magnets, cracked or faded magnets, or just really bad design from their last purchase. We take pride in helping them get a quality magnet to replace those with.

You’re not looking to replace a magnet a few times a year right? We get that. Which is why we only use the best products on your magnets.

Our in house designers will work with you to create awesome designs that stand out and represent your business proudly.

Custom Sizing

We’ll also make sure you are getting the best size magnet for your needs. Generic sizing is what often causes issues with visibility and durability of the magnet.

By matching the proper size to your specific need, we can ensure best visibility with minimal risk of magnet loss.

Every vehicle is different. Curves, lines, etc. all play a factor in proper magnetic adhesion. Our experts will take all of that into mind when choosing your magnet size.

If you would like more information about our products and services or would like a quote please contact our Sales Department at: (727) 862-1960 or email us.